Even though we can’t gather as a full body during this time of the pandemic, we are still a church; and we believe in the importance of corporate worship.  We encourage you to join an Adult Bible Fellowship and participate in a Home Group.  Connecting with your brothers and sisters in Christ is a way that you live out the mandates and the blessings of being united in the community of the church.


Adult Bible Fellowships meet on Sunday morning for encouragement, instruction and prayer. Home Groups meet at a time convenient for group members for a time of fellowship, discussion, and prayer. Adult Bible Fellowships and Home Groups supplement Sunday morning Corporate Worship. For the time being, all of Colonial’s groups are meeting online. These digital gatherings have temporarily replaced our normal campus and in-home gatherings. Even though they meet online, we believe these opportunities will serve the purpose of fellowship, worship, and corporately experiencing the teaching of God’s Word. 


For the foreseeable future, Colonial's groups and studies will continue to meet online. We will transition from virtual to in-person gatherings as soon as we safely can. Once we can regather, people will meet in homes and other locations with their Home Groups. Adult Bible Fellowships and Colonial’s corporate Worship Services will likely take longer to resume.  We encourage Home Groups to use the sermon discussion guides as the platform for discussion. This allows the church family to further engage with the text and topic after Pastor Davey's message.

Home Groups are encouraged to add any other elements to their meeting time as they want, such as potluck meals, extended times of prayer, or recreation activities (i.e. hikes, bike rides, games). These groups can provide a context for our church to focus on applying God Word, care for one another, help meet needs, and communicate back to the church when needs are greater than what the group can provide.  


To learn more about joining an Adult Bible Fellowship or Home Group, please email swylie@colonial.org. 




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Scott Wylie / Pastor, Family Ministry

Scott Wilson / Pastor, Senior Adults

Jimmy Carter / Pastor, Community Life


Administrative Assistant Ember Keck 
Administrative Assistant Kate Dreesen



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