20/20 Vision communicates the strategy we are following over the next four years as we seek to strategically fulfill our mission as a church. The goals of 20/20 Vision are to balance our ministry budget each year, plant 20 churches by the end of 2020, send global workers into strategic parts of the world and eliminate our mortgage debt.


Providing The Resources

When you give to Colonial, you are supporting all of these goals, and you designate which fund your gift will be used for. 

Ministry Fund

The Ministry Fund is how we support all of the ongoing ministries of the church. This fund pays the staff, supports all of the ministry budgets, pays the mortgage and utilities, supports our global workers and is the primary means by which our ministry is supported. As you prayerfully consider your financial support to Lord's work at Colonial, this is where your regular giving goes. Support of the other funds would be giving that is above and beyond your regular giving as the Lord enables you to give more. 

Debt Reduction Fund

The Debt Reduction Fund is an opportunity for you to accelerate the pace at which our debt is eliminated. While the base mortgage is paid from the Ministry Fund, all gifts to the Debt Reduction Fund go directly toward making additional debt payments.

Grace Promise Fund

In 2017 we launched our Grace Promise Fund. Grace Promise giving supports The Shepherds Network and Shepherds International. The Shepherds Network allows us to plant and equip churches in the United States. Shepherds International allows us to send and support global workers in strategic parts of the world through our very own sending agency. LEARN MORE ABOUT TSN AND SI.

Use the GIVE NOW link to make your gift or to set up a monthly recurring gift.

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