890 Goal - A Faith Challenge

We have the opportunity to give sacrificially above our regular offerings to significantly reduce our mortgage debt. Our goal is to raise $890,000 by the end of December. The following information explains how we arrived at this goal:

  • When the Multiply Campaign began in April 2014 our total mortgage debt was $10,830,000.
  • In the past two and a half years we have paid $3,470,000  to reduce debt through regular monthly payments, Multiply Campaign gifts and additional debt payments.
  • Our mortgage is divided into three notes. This December we have an opportunity to eliminate a note that is maturing. The balance on that note is $890,000.
  • If we eliminate that note, our remainings debt will be reduced to $6,470,000. That means that we will have paid off $4,360,000 in less than three years.

There are three ways for you to designate your sacrificial gifts for the $890,000 goal:

  1. Use one of the Multiply Campaign envelopes and mark it "890 Goal."
  2. Mark your check with the words "890 Goal" on the memo line.
  3. For online giving, select "890 Goal."

If you need information on making a gift of stock or other non-cash contributions, please contact the church finance office at 919-233-9100.