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 The Shack

With the release of the movie based on the novel, we want to help you think biblically about The Shack. The book and movie represent an unfortunate departure from Scripture and in our opinion, have no redeeming value. Here is a review that we think is helpful. Although written several years ago, this review is relevant and provides a great service to discerning Christians.


God’s Design for Man & Woman
Andreas Kostenberger / Posted 10/23/2016

It seems like the culture continues to be abuzz with gender messages, ranging from the confusing to the bizarre, while the church is either scrambling to respond or choosing to remain mostly silent in the face of the massive challenges to the biblical teaching on gender that we’ve witnessed particularly in the last few years. In part, at least, the church may be speechless not so much because it has nothing to say but because the culture is changing at such a breathtaking pace that it is hard to know what to say and how to say it. READ THE ARTICLE HERE


Politics For The Citizens Of Heaven Stephen Davey / Posted 9/29/2016 

The United States of America is experiencing a presidential election unlike any in recent memory and Christians are responding in vastly different ways. Some plan to take a strict partisan approach and vote for their party’s candidate no matter what their candidate does or says. Others plan to abandon their party this time around and either abstain from voting or vote for a third-party candidate. Some are very excited about supporting one of the candidates, while others find this election all about choosing the lesser of the evils. How can we think biblically about this and all elections?  READ THE ARTICLE HERE



Should Women Preach?
Deb Martin / Posted 9/29/2016

Unfortunately, this seemingly simple inquiry is a loaded question. It is often asked in hopes of merely ascertaining one’s ecclesiastical position on women in ministry. Sadly, this question has become a tool with which to draw a line of division separating believers into two groups (complementarians and egalitarians). It is easy to see how one’s answer to this question can provide a catalyst for heated debate. Most assuredly, the question is important; but it is also controversial, and one that deserves serious attention today.  READ THE ARTICLE HERE

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