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Singles Ministry 

Our vision is to help and encourage single adults find and follow Jesus Christ. Whether you are single again or have never been married, we have groups designed to equip and encourage you. These groups are typically formed around age groupings. If you’re looking to fellowship and learn with other single adults, we currently offer these classes. 

Being single is not a curse. Singleness is a place where God has called a person for at least this time of life. 1Corinthians 7 elevates singleness as a status that God honors. God also honors marriage, for it depicts Christ and the church. The Bible does not say one is bad and the other is good. Life can be lived with purpose and for the glory of God as a single person. God can use you greatly with the freedom singleness brings to serve Him and shine for Him. Many singles have been used to impact God’s kingdom for God’s glory. Being an active part of the local church is God’s plan for a healthy believer in Christ. Our singles ministry is anchored in a vibrant active local church ministry. Our hope is to assist you in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and help you understand “satisfaction” in Him. Our weekly gatherings will challenge you spiritually. You will meet other singles, but our focus is not to create a “meeting place” for meeting's sake. It is our desire to cultivate “following Christ”. Contentment, satisfaction and life at its very best are found when Jesus is Lord of your life.

Classes for Single Adults


Lighthouse (Never Married Singles, Age 22-29)
11:00AM / Room FC209 / Taught by Marcello Lubenco

Life is full of changes! Just when you feel like you’ve got it all together, life throws you another curve ball. Lighthouse is designed to help young singles navigate their life changing transitions with clarity through biblical direction and principles. You’ll be helped, trained, and encouraged through Bible teaching, personal mentoring, and a friendly environment. You’ll find activities designed to promote Christ honoring friendships, and of course a lot of fun. So why go through all of life’s changes on your own? Come join us this Sunday and find help and encouragement from others on the same step of the journey as you.

SALT & Life (Singles, Age 30-39)
11:00AM / Room FC204 / Taught by Scott Wilson

SALT & Life is designed to help you live in undivided devotion to the Lord. Our goal is that you would enjoy abundant life in Christ, live a life of faithful service to God and trust Him in all areas of life. This is an opportunity for you to make new friends, build relationships, have fun through fellowship and social activities, and understand more about God’s purpose for you. SALT & Life: Singles Abundantly Living and Trusting … for Life!

Crosstrainers (Singles, age: 40+)
11:00AM / Room FC206 / Taught by Steve Polen

Crosstrainers study God’s Word through discussion and small group studies as well as presentations. Living out God’s grace is the guiding principle of the class. There are frequent fellowships offered, and the class participates in an annual service project.