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Young Adults 

As a church, we are followers of Jesus Christ who believe in the power of God's Word to transform lives for God's glory. Our desire is to encourage a community of young adults to personally and strategically implement this vision for their lives.  As young adults, we want Christ to be the center of our lives and for His Name to be honored and glorified wherever we are, whether it is in the church, home, classroom or workplace.

Classes for Young Adults

FUSION (Married and Single Young Adults) 

 11:10AM / Upper Room / Taught by Pete Goeman


FUSION is a brand-new ministry for young adults, both single and married. This ministry includes young parents, graduate students, and young professionals. The purpose of FUSION is to provide biblical community that encourages growth and maturity in Christ through the study of Scripture.

Young adults feel the pressure of important responsibilities and the constant influence of the culture around them. FUSION exists to help navigate these daily challenges by looking to Scripture, as well as providing a place for fellowship of like-minded adults.

FUSION is led by Pete Goeman and gathers weekly at 11:10 AM in the Upper Room at Colonial Baptist Church (located above the Cafe). In addition, there will be regular community groups and social events throughout the year.

Join us as we seek to gain a deeper understanding of God's Word together!


Living As One (Young couples, early in their marriage)
9:45AM / Room CC 220 / 
Taught by Mike Woods

Living As One is a one-year class for engaged or recently married couples. This class will help you build a solid foundation in your new marriage. Your love and commitment is strong, but transitioning from two single adults to one married couple brings challenges. This class will help you develop practical skills and learn timeless principles that will serve you for a lifetime of marriage. You can join this class any time, but you attend for only one year. The content of this class repeats annually. After your year in Living As One, you’ll transition to a permanent Adult Bible Fellowship.

Beyond “I Do” (Young Couples)
11:10AM / Room FC207 / Taught by Joel 

A successful marriage requires learning how to follow God’s leadership in your home. Beyond “I Do” is a class for young married couples ages 20-35 both with and without children. Through this class, you will find Christian friendships, tremendous Bible study teaching, prayer support and fun fellowship. Join us as we learn to follow Christ and enjoy the journey.

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