Our vision for ABFs is that individuals would CONNECT to the Body of Christ through relationships, fellowship and social interaction; GROW in faith through the teaching, discussion and application of God’s Word; and BELONG in a loving community based on encouragement, care, support and prayer.

In an ABF, you will find excellent teaching, friendly people and opportunities to go deeper in your walk with Christ. Adult Bible Fellowships meet every Sunday morning. ABFs often involve prayer groups, service projects and social activities outside of class. Several of our ABF's also meet during the week in home groups. We want you to find the class that fits you best. Contact us if you need help of advice. 

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Find A Class


The best way to find an ABF is to visit several classes until you find your perfect fit. While all of our classes are centered on God’s Word, they each have a unique focus and format. For example, some classes emphasize small groups while others have a combination of lecture and discussion in a large group. Some classes focus on marriage and family relationships and some study verse-by-verse through books of the Bible. Some tend to have students of all ages and some are more focused by age. Visit several, and contact Scott Wylie if you would like to talk about the various options. 

8:15 AM Classes


Coaches Corner - 8:15 AM / Parlor (Taught by a teaching team, led by Steve Stadtmiller)

Dig deeply into God’s Word and discover the Christian world view that equips us with spiritual wisdom to be coaches in whatever stage and station of life we find ourselves: parents, leaders, teachers, and counselors in our families, church ministries, and communities. The class encourages community by offering fellowship activities outside of class. 

Cornerstone - 8:15 AM / Room FC206 (Taught by Alan Hoffler)

Developing a strong marriage, parenting, caring for aging parents, cultivating faith in the workplace—a daunting list for anyone! Join Cornerstone where parents are encouraged to glorify God in life’s many challenges. Supper clubs and women’s fellowships are some of the community building opportunities provided. Cornerstone is currently studying the big stories of the Bible. During the week the ladies from Cornerstone meet Wednesday morning for Bible study in the home of a class member and men from Cornerstone meet for Bible study on Friday morning at 6:45AM at the church. 

 Men’s Class - 8:15 AM / Room FC203 (Taught by Greg Huntington)

Our men’s class fosters personal accountability to Christ and features open class discussion and high-interaction small groups. Fellowship opportunities emphasize spiritual growth and genuine discipleship to Fellowship opportunities which exist outside of class time emphasize spiritual growth and genuine discipleship. 


9:30 AM Classes


Adventures in Marriage - 9:30 AM / Room FC206 (Taught by Brett Ingalls)

At Adventures in Marriage, we are captivated by Jesus’ command to make disciples. Knowing that life touches life, we strive to personally encourage and equip each other to become disciple-makers, starting with our homes and then branching out into our different spheres of influence. Our close-knit community of believers enjoys the opportunity to connect through interactive teaching, regular fellowship events, small group studies and one-on-one relationships. We are all committed to challenging and encouraging each other to take that next spiritual step. 

Church History - 9:00 AM / Online (Taught by Wayne Knowles and Rich Main)

The Reformation Dawns and Spreads
Despite the spiritual darkness of the Middle Ages and the doctrinal errors of the Roman Catholic church, the Reformation dawned and spread through the courageous efforts of faithful reformers such as Wycliffe, Hus, Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, and Knox. Learn about the “5 Solas” of the Reformation and hear the stories of these great heroes of the faith as we take a historical tour of the Reformation through Europe, Great Britain, and ultimately to the shores of America.

This is one of our Foundation Seminars. LEARN MORE

Colonial en Español - 9:30 AM / Room SC202 (Taught by Ramon Sam)

Colonial en Español is an outreach to the local Hispanic community in Cary and surrounding areas. The fellowship meets every Sunday for Bible study. (Spanish translation of main service available during the 3rd service.) 

Couples Under Construction - 9:30 AM / Room FC202 (Taught by Eddie Watkins)

Couples Under Construction is a group dedicated to experiencing biblical truth in marriage, family life and community. Gather with other married couples and parents to study God’s Word and learn truths you can apply to your life experiences. CUC fosters community through a variety of fellowship opportunities. Learn more about Couples Under Construction at the class WEBSITE

Crossroads - 9:30 AM / Room FC201 (Taught by Shaun Swingle)

Crossroads offers a unique small group format for believers who desire to know God better. The class meets together each Sunday for practical Bible teaching with a specific focus on applying the Word to life. Each small group meets together throughout the month to fellowship, encourage one another, and develop close personal relationships that draw us closer to Christ. 

Devoted 2:42 - 9:30 AM / Room SC206 (Taught by Rodney Phillips)

Making the transition to being parents of young adults who are establishing independence isn’t easy. Learn to follow the principles of Acts 2:42, being “devoted to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship” with a focus on parenting and family relationships.

Global Connect - 9:30 AM / Room CC222 (Taught by Karl Kosobucki for both Internationals and North Americans)

For internationals and Americans, both believers and seekers, those with little knowledge of the Bible and those with much knowledge. Excellent for those for whom English is a second language. The teaching is usually of a Bible book, but may also be a Bible overview or topic. It may include lecture, discussion groups, or multimedia. Bi-monthly fellowship events are also held in homes. 

 Holy Hands - 9:30 AM / Room FC202a (Taught by Ken Pohlig)

Holy Hands is a class for the Deaf and hearing impaired. Bible study for adults and youth who are deaf, hearing impaired or desiring to learn sign language. All are welcome. We strive to study God's Word and apply the Word in our daily lives. We learn from each other and seek to grow spiritually in the Lord. When our Bible study ends at 10:50 am, we then go to the Worship service (starting at 11:10 am) where the entire Worship service is interpreted with dedicated and skilled interpreters who love the Lord. We frequently meet for fellowship and social interaction.            
Journey to Jerusalem - 9:30 AM / Room "Parlor" (Taught by Mark Robinson)

Journey to Jerusalem and learn the historical and cultural background of the Scriptures from a Jewish perspective, highlighting the role of the nation of Israel. Examine Jewish culture in light of the New Testament, God’s plan for Israel, Messianic prophecy, Bible prophecy, Jewish evangelism, and Old Testament book studies. The Journey to Jerusalem class hosts a Bible study on Friday evening in the offices of Jewish Awareness Ministries. 

New Life - 9:30 AM / Room FC210 (Taught by Kevin Welch)

In New Life our emphasis is on pursuing spiritual maturity together. We are serious about living out Biblical fellowship with all of its implications. Our teaching time is strong in its exposition of scripture and seeks to be highly interactive. Our members are also encouraged to participate in the weekly Bible studies provided for the men and women. 

Open Bible - 9:30 AM / Parlor (Taught by Vince Smith for Senior Adults)

Open Bible seeks to exalt Christ through the study and teaching of Scripture verse by verse. This class provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere of prayer, class interaction, along with mission support, whereby, each becomes a means to carry out the admonition of Heb.10:24, "Let us consider how to simulate one another to love and good deeds."

Praiseworthy  - 9:30AM / Room FC204  (Taught by Gary Hallquist)

Praiseworthy is an abbreviated class that begins after the music portion of the Worship Service is complete. While all are welcome, this class gives members of Colonial’s Music and Hospitality ministries an opportunity to study God’s Word. 

Walkers - 9:30 AM / Room FC209 (Taught by Dick White)

In Walkers, topical studies are alternated with a study of a book of the Bible. Ministry opportunities offered in the class help new members get involved right away. A number of well-organized events provide friendly community-building opportunities.


11:00 AM Classes


Bereans - 11:00AM / Room FC202 (Taught by Alan Travers)

Gain a greater understanding of Biblical theology and learn to apply the truth of God’s Word to your daily life. Bereans gather for frequent fellowship to promote community among class members.

Fusion - 11:00 AM / Upper Room (Taught by Peter Goeman for Young Adults)

FUSION is class for young adults, both single and married, with the purpose of proving a biblical community that encourages growth and maturity in Christ through the study of Scripture. Young adults feel the pressure of important responsibilities and the constant influence of the culture around them. FUSION exists to help navigate these daily challenges by looking to Scripture, as well as providing a place for fellowship of like-minded adults. 

Lifespring - 11:00AM / Colonial Corners (Taught by Les Lofquist)  

Lifespring is designed to encourage you to develop and maintain a deeper study of Scripture. The interactive lecture supplements your study, using a question and answer time to stimulate critical thinking. Lifespring members enjoy fellowship outside of class. “Breakfast at Barry’s” (BABS) is a weekly informal get-together for the men and “Birthday Lunch” is a monthly fellowship for women. 

New Season - 11:00AM / Parlor (Taught by Trent McKay)

Our New Season class is focused on embracing God's plan and presence in every new season of life. Each season has its own unique challenges and opportunities from an empty nest, expanding families though the marriage of children, aging parents or whatever God has for you in this season of your life. The joys, sorrows, and challenges of each new season are made better through this strong community of faith. New Season follows a discussion format while providing dedicated time for prayer. The class is committed to an abundance of fellowship to strengthen your faith and provide opportunities for you to experience the encouragement of Christian friendship.

Recalibrate- 11:00 AM / Room FC201 (Taught by Joel Thimsen)

Perhaps you've been a Christian for years, or maybe you’re new to the faith. Perhaps you're newly married and you long to be more grounded as a Christian couple, or maybe you’re a single adult who desires to live wisely. Perhaps you're a parent and you desire to raise your children to the glory of God. When you think about your faith, you may be thinking - “Can I do this?" Or maybe you find yourself in a rut. This class is called Recalibrate because it communicates our intent as a community to honestly assess, change course when needed, and orient everything we do in light of the Gospel. Our goal is to dig deeply into God’s Word, and allow the truth we find there to Recalibrate our lives.

Saltshakers - 11:00AM / Room FC210 (Taught by Andy Mosley)

Looking for a place where you can learn to apply the sermon you hear on Sunday morning? Saltshakers looks for practical ways to implement and apply God’s truths as you interact with class members and discuss the foundations for your growth as a Christian. Saltshakers enjoys a class fellowship every 6-8 weeks. Men from Saltshakers gather for a Bible Study on Wednesday evenings.

Singles Class - 11:00AM / Room FC206 (Taught by Steve Polen for singles who are typically age 40+)

Colonial's singles gather to study God’s Word through discussion and small group studies as well as presentations. Understanding God's amazing grace toward us is the focus of every study, and enjoying that grace and living it out toward others is the guiding principle of the class. There are frequent fellowships offered.

FilAm Fellowship - 11:00AM / SC202-204 (Taught by Nestor Ual)

FilAm Fellowship is a class for Filipino and Filipino-American families. Our fellowship is an opportunity for you to worship God outwardly in spirit and truth, experience God’s love that transcends racial boundaries as we foster unity in the context of our culture and glorify God by proclaiming His name and by equipping and edifying one another under one Word and under one church. 

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