In Acts 20, you read how the early church began gathering for a special time of worship on the day of the week that Jesus arose—Sunday. In Revelation 1, the Apostle John refers to Sunday as the day that had become, in the minds and hearts of the church, the Lord’s Day. We have the pleasure of worshipping the Lord on any and every day. But within a few decades of Jesus' resurrection, the early Christians began to gather as an assembly on this day.  They even began referring to it as a day that uniquely belonged to the Lord . . . The Lord’s Day.

Following the example of those early Christians, we've chosen also to maximize the Lord’s Day.  This is the day, more than any other day where we gather to worship, connect, grow and serve.  Join us as we gather on The Lord’s Day! 

  • If you are planning your first visit to Colonial Baptist Church, we have additional information for guests at our VISIT page.

The Lord's Day Schedule


On Campus Worship Service   (also Via Livestream)   9:30AM 11:00AM
          * Sign Language Interpretation
          * Spanish Translation
Children's Nursery    9:30AM 11:00AM
Children's Program (Pre-K-Grade 5)    9:30AM  11:00AM  
Middle School Program (Grades 6-8)  9:30AM  
High School Program (Grades 9-12)  9:30AM  
Special Needs  9:30AM    
College     11:00AM
Young Adults
Adult Bible Fellowships Learn more.    9:30AM 11:00AM
AWANA Clubs (September-May) 5:00PM
Focus Gathering (September-April) - 1st Sunday of month, except for holiday weekends (ie., Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc.)–Not Meeting in 2020  
Greenhouse Membership Class (seasonal)–Not Meeting in 2020


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