I can remember the day this photograph was taken. Marsha had just delivered our daughter Candace, and I’m standing next to her holding our new baby, surrounded by an infant church. I didn't think it could get any better. Our year-old congregation was healthy and growing. The Lord had added many more people than we expected - we had been praying that the Lord would bring 20 people a year to our church plant—that would make us a self-supporting church after five years of building a solid biblical foundation.

In hindsight, our prayer sounds almost comical . . . certainly well short of God’s perfect plan. Were we ever surprised! Since those early days, my family has grown even more—four adult children, all serving in full-time ministry, and new names for Marsha and me: Gigi and Poppa. How sweet it is!

At the same time, our church family has grown to include thousands . . . far more than we ever anticipated. New names have been added to our rolls—but more importantly—to the Lamb’s Book of Life. Oh, how sweet that is!

Our Colonial family is poised to multiply exponentially the impact of our ministry—locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Our 28-year foundation has prepared the way for an incredible harvest worldwide. And now, more than ever, we believe that we are entering a new stage of ministry, a stage that no longer works by simple addition—it operates by multiplication.

The Multiply campaign is our prayerful, strategic attempt to maximize our ministry potential at home and around the world. We invite you to join us as we multiply our impact on the Lord’s ministry . . . by praying, serving and giving.

Counting everything for His glory,

Pastoral Training in India

Pastoral Training in North Africa

Vehicle for Build A Village

Assistance for Christian refugees fleeing terrorism


Construction project with Moldova Mission


Curriculum for a school in Uganda with 7 Billion Reasons