At this special time of year, full of festivities and gift-giving, we are reminded of the greatest gift of all… the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  We are also reminded of His Bride, the Church, and how we’ve been called to spread the good news of the gospel both near and far. At Colonial, we take that call seriously—but to do that well, especially in our modern age of technology and communication advances, we realize it’s time for us to make some updates to our facilities. That’s why at this Season of Giving, we’re launching “Upgrade 2.0”—a special giving initiative during the month of December to raise funds to equip our church in two key areas: our sound system and our security system.  


Sound System Upgrade


Think back 2 decades (for those of you old enough to do that!), and recall what cell phone or computer you had. Maybe you didn’t even have one! But the advances in technology have been incredible.  Just 10 years ago at Colonial, we didn't have the ability to livestream our services, and now we do. This amazing technology has enabled us to reach the world with the gospel and live out in new ways the Great Commission! But our current sound system is hampering us from doing this effectively. Some of our sound system was put into operation when we moved into our Worship Center 17 years ago.  Only recently, the company that manufactured our sound board, now 10 years old, informed our Tech Director that replacement parts will no longer be manufactured.  Imagine, when something breaks, parts are no longer even being made to repair it!  It’s time for an upgrade!



Security System Upgrade


Likewise, the world around us is changing; and we want to be vigilant in protecting our flock. So we’ve begun to take additional measures to secure our facility.  From our Weekday Preschool to our weekly Bible Studies and ministry events, to our services on Sunday, it’s our desire to make sure YOU are safe.  It's time for an upgrade!  That's why we're investing in a campus-wide security system similar to what you might find in a school or college.  


What's Involved?


We’ve faithfully done our due diligence, gotten several bids and quotes for both of these upgrades, and the costs total approximately $235,000.


How Do We Do This?


Currently, our Ministry Fund giving is running about $550,000 behind our budget needs.  This is the pattern our budget normally follows in its annual cycle, but we know based on years past, the generosity of our church family always helps get us over the hump and end the year strong.  This month, we want to meet our budget and designate all extra giving toward Upgrade 2.0.  


  • Normal December Monthly Giving/Budget: 
  • Our Annual 2018 Budget Deficit:
  • Project Upgrade 2.0 (Sound & Security Systems)






Won't you please be in prayer about how the Lord might be leading you to contribute?  Once you've made your decision, we have several convenient ways to give.   We've consolidated all of the above needs into what we are calling "December Giving," to make it super easy for you to identify and give toward this month. 




Thank You for Your Generosity!  


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