2018 Summer Series Speakers


July 1 / Thomas White
8:30, 9:45 & 11:10 AM

THOMAS WHITE is the president of Cedarville University in Ohio. For more than a decade, he has combined his administrative, teaching and research skills with a pastoral heart for ministry. He earned both his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Systematic Theology degrees from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. White has also contributed to several books, including Restoring Integrity in Baptist Churches. He and his wife, Joy, have two children. 





July 8 / Ken Ham
8:30, 9:45 & 11:10 AM and 5:00 PM

KEN HAM is president, CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis, which operates the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter in Kentucky. He is a highly sought after Christian speaker on the relevance, reliability and authority of the Bible, and the author of several books, including Dinosaurs of Eden (a children’s book) and War on the Word: Sharing the Gospel in a Hostile World. He also hosts a daily radio program, Answers with Ken Ham. He and his wife Mally live in Cincinnati.


July 8 / Buddy Davis
5:00 PM (Family Concert)

BUDDY DAVIS is a speaker and singer/songwriter for Answers in Genesis. As a musician, Buddy plays various acoustic and folk-style instruments, including the guitar, mandolin and harmonica. He’s also a “paleo-artist” who specializes in building life-size dinosaur sculptures. Many of these can be seen at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Buddy is also an avid adventurer, having explored the Arctic Circle in search of dinosaur bones and Turkey in search of Noah’s Ark. He and his wife, Kay, live on a farm in Ohio.


July 15 / H.B. Charles, Jr.
8:30, 9:45 & 11:10 AM

H.B. CHARLES, JR., is the pastor-teacher of Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, where he has served since 2008. Prior to joining Shiloh, he led the Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church of Los Angeles for almost 18 years. Succeeding his late father, he began his pastorate at Mt. Sinai at the age of 17 while still a senior in high school. Last year, H.B. made history when he was elected the first African-American president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Pastors’ Conference. He and his wife, Crystal, have three children.



July 22 / Greg Koukl
8:30, 9:45 & 11:10 AM

GREG KOUKL is founder and president of Stand to Reason, a Christian apologetics organization, and he also hosts his own call-in radio show that defends the Christian worldview. He has debated atheist Michael Shermer on national radio, and best-selling New Age author Deepak Chopra on national TV. The central theme of Greg’s speaking and writing is that “Christianity, if it’s properly understood and properly communicated, makes the most sense of the world as we find it.” Greg and his wife Steese live in California with their two daughters and stepson.



July 22 / Apologetics Conference
Greg Koukl / Alex McFarland
2 PM

Join us for the Reasons2Believe conference, where both adults and students can learn to defend the great truths of Christianity. The event includes presentations from Greg Koukl and Alex McFarland, who is the director of the Center for Christian Worldview at Greenville University. There will also be a panel discussion with young men and women who have remained steadfast in their faith despite hostile college environments.


Register at http://www.reasons2believe.org. 



July 29 / Robert Smith, Jr.
8:30, 9:45 & 11:10 AM

ROBERT SMITH, JR. is a renowned pastor, professor and author of several books, including the award-winning Doctrine That Dances: Bringing Doctrinal Preaching and Teaching to Life and The Oasis of God: From Mourning to Morning—Biblical Insights from Psalms 42 and 43. Dr. Smith earned his M.Div. and Ph.D. from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and currently serves as the Charles T. Carter Baptist Chair of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School in Alabama. He and his wife Wanda have four adult children (one in heaven). 


August 5 / Tim Sigler
8:30, 9:45 & 11:10 AM

TIM SIGLER is the new Provost and Dean at Shepherds Theological Seminary where he is responsible for all aspects of administration, development, and supervision of the faculty, staff and academic programs. Prior to STS, Tim served with distinction at the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago for 18 years, most recently as Professor of Hebrew and Biblical Studies. Tim loves teaching the Bible on location and hosts study tours throughout the biblical world with Wisdom Passages. He and his wife, Bernice, have three children.


August 12 / Erwin Lutzer
8:30, 9:45 & 11:10 AM

ERWIN LUTZER served as senior pastor of the Moody Church in Chicago for 36 years before retiring in 2016. A renowned theologian, Dr. Lutzer earned his B.Th. from Winnipeg Bible College, a Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary, an M.A. in Philosophy from Loyola University, and an honorary LL.D. from Simon Greenleaf School of Law. Dr. Lutzer has also authored several books, including Rescuing the Gospel: The Story and Significance of the Reformation. He and his wife, Rebecca, live in the Chicago area and have three grown children.



About This Series

When I think of the word STEADFAST, a lighthouse comes to mind. A lighthouse was never constructed to stop storms from taking place, and it never once calmed raging winds or waves at sea. It simply stood firm and illuminated the way home. 


On three occasions, the Apostle Paul used the word STEADFAST as he encouraged the believers: 


... to stay steady against the flurry of sinful impulses; 

... to stay stable against the driving winds of false religion; 

... to stay strong even when the storms seemed most powerful.


Our Summer Series theme, STEADFAST, is prayerfully offered to convict, challenge and encourage us toward this kind of steady, stable and strong commitment to our Lord—whether that means holding our ground against temptation, holding firm to the truth of Scripture or holding to the purpose that God has assigned us in life and service. 


I’m praying that this year’s Summer Series will cheer us on to remain STEADFAST when storms intensify and waves crash even higher. I’m praying, beloved, that we continue to shine the light of the gospel, which unfailingly illuminates the way home. 


Standing with you,

Stephen Davey


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