Women's Bible Studies: WOW - Women of Wisdom - Virtual Option (Wednesday Morning)

Wednesday Morning Study

New Virtual Only Sister option -  WOW - Women of Wisdom: 1 and 2 Samuel, selected Psalms 

Wednesdays / 9:30 -10:30 AM / September 9 - April 28

A sister option of W.O.W. (“Women of Wisdom”), this will be Zoom video conference for virtual discussion with a small group at 9:30 am; then a link to watch a recorded version of the music and lecture at your convenience. 

Old-fashioned friendships and conversations on new-fashioned technology of video conference!  Staying socially distanced doesn’t have to stop iron from sharpening iron with meaningful conversations via the web. Whether you are local to Cary but prefer to avoid public settings or joining from a distance, a Zoom discussion group is the perfect option on Wednesday mornings! If at some point, you are ready to attend the live meeting, head up to Colonial where your discussion leader will be ready and waiting for you (with her laptop accessing the others on Zoom in your group) as together we become women after God’s own heart. 

W.O.W. (“Women of Wisdom”) is sound Bible study, aimed directly at Biblical literacy.  Join us as we learn Godly living in an ungodly time, studying 1 and 2 Samuel, as well as accompanying Psalms.  Daily lessons for personal study begin the excavation of the depth of God’s Word. Weekly small group discussion followed by worship in song and large group lecture allow iron to sharpen iron as we spend our Wednesday mornings together. Fellowship with these ladies is sure to lead to Godly friendships!

Join us for an in-depth look at the historic period beginning with the miraculous birth of Samuel to his prayerful mother Hannah, followed by the lives of Eli, Saul and David, concluding with the tragic rebellion of his David's Absalom. Infertility resolved by God; rebellion addressed by God; giants slain by God; sins forgiven by God; the lineage of Christ introduced by God. What a blessed year awaits! I hope you will join us as together we seek to become women after His own heart.

Homework: 2.5 hours/week
Cost: $20/year
No childcare available.
Date/Time:9/9/2020 9:30 AM - 4/28/2021 10:30 AM   Add To Your Calendar
Contact:Ember Keck
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