The Shepherds Network

The Shepherds Network is the channel through which Colonial and our partner, Shepherds Theological Seminary, strategically develop and network qualified church planters. We assist them by providing training, coaching, fellowship, resources, and opportunities for growth.  TSN provides financial and other resources to church planters in various parts of the country. Although not a denomination, this network of churches provides an opportunity for pastors and church leaders to encourage one another and develop professionally through training and conferences. You support the work of The Shepherds Network when you contribute to GRACE PROMISE


Shepherds International

Shepherds International is our sending agency for global staff. SI provides administrative support for workers who have been sent by Colonial and our partner churches into strategic parts of the world.  In this way, Shepherds International helps us achieve our strategic disciple-making initiatives in various parts of the world. You support the work of The Shepherds Network when you contribute to GRACE PROMISE.  WEBSITE


Shepherds Theological Seminary

In the Middle Ages, the word seminary originally meant seed plot. It was used by gardeners for those places designated in the nurseries as the most profitable and secure for planting seeds and nurturing young plants until they were transplanted outdoors. Eventually, the word became used for places of training where ministry students were nurtured and equipped before being “transplanted” to vocational ministry.

What a privilege is it to see Jesus Christ choosing to use Shepherds Theological Seminary as a place where pastors, missionaries, teachers and Christian leaders are being cultivated, nurtured, trained and equipped so that their lives might bear great fruit for Christ’s glory. WEBSITE


Wisdom For The Heart
Wisdom for the Heart, now in its 14th year, is the international Bible-teaching ministry based on the sermons and writings of Dr. Stephen Davey. The broadcast program “Wisdom for the Heart” is heard on more than 250 radio stations around the world, in 5 languages; the United States and Europe (English); the Middle East (Arabic); South America (Spanish); Africa (Swahili); and Brazil (Portuguese).  Stephen’s materials are also being translated into the Telegu language for distribution in India and into Mandarin to resource our growing Chinese audience.

Print and audio resources are available in book and transcript form, CDs, MP3s, and podcasts. Items may be purchased and all transcripts and podcasts downloaded free at

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