Mobilize (mōbə-līz) - verb: to prepare and organize for active service

The Mobilization and Advancement Office exists to assist the people of Colonial Baptist Church in making disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Our Mission:
To fulfill Christ’s Great Commandment and Great Commission.

Our Passion:
To abandon our life's agenda and join God in His global cause.

Our Strategy:
To equip every member to be a disciple-maker through intentional and personal involvement in the lives of those in their own sphere of influence. 

- - - - -

Primary Objectives:

 - Promote a disciples-making perspective among the people and ministries of Colonial.
 - Prepare local and global ministers of Jesus Christ.
 - Propel and oversee domestic and international Christian ministers.
 - Present how the Holy Spirit is working in and through the people of Colonial.

  - - - - -

We believe each of us should identify and use our spiritual giftedness and abilities wherever God has placed us in order to impact our world for Christ.

The following opportunities are available:

  • Focus Gathering:
    Experience the richness of God’s love as we gather together to encourage one another in the faith and hear stories about how God is working in the lives of our church family, both here and abroad.  Due to Covid-19, Focus Gathering is not currently meeting. Please check back for more details as they become available.

  • Service Trips: St George, Utah | Dec 7 - 17, 2020
    We send teams on short-term trips to impact and develop the participants and the host communities in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. 
    We will be sending a team from our college ministry (C2) to Southern Utah to work with one of our partner church plants, Red Mesa Fellowship. The team will be doing outreach at Dixie State University, Christmas-themed outreach in the city center, as well as work projects around the community. Please pray, and thank you for your support! To support a team member, please click HERE.
  • Disciple Making Training:
    Periodic classes and workshops will equip you to effectively share your faith, understand how to witness to people of other religions, and develop an apologetic defense of the Christian faith.

  • Global Staff Support:
    Our global staff are those who have been led by God and sent by Colonial Baptist Church to live and serve in gospel ministry, whether in the US or abroad. Through financial and prayer support, as well as encouragement, hospitality, and meeting specific family and ministry needs, we join these servants in their service. 
  • Global Partners:
    Our global partners are individuals and organizations with whom we have developed relationships to help us fulfill a specific ministry objective. 
  • Expatriate Worker Preparation:
    One of the most effective outreach strategies is for Christian men, women, and families to relocate to another part of the world to live, work, worship and love a community. We're prepared to equip you and help you with an intentional international assignment.
  • Global Impact Events:
    Because we're all in this together, we host regular events designed to encourage, educate and equip the church on issues related to the needs of the world and what God is doing to meet those needs.
  • The Prayer Foundation: 
    Praying for our Global Staff and Global Partners is the focus of the Prayer Foundation. This team gathers regularly to serve these ministers and their ministries through intercessory prayer.  Contact us if you are interested in joining!
  • ESL (English as a Second Language): Join anytime!
    Colonial offers free ESL classes on Friday mornings during the school year. This program gives a quality education that promotes academic achievement while supporting English language development. Free childcare (preschool and younger) is provided for parents who attend the program. If you are interested in attending or volunteering, please email  



















Pastor, Mobilization Steven Stadtmiller
Administrative Assistant Rosita Perkins
Director of Impact Trips Chris Wertz
Administrative Assistant Miriam Lofquist




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