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Adult Ministries provides opportunities for discipling, fellowshipping, encouraging and admonishing one another in the faith. We have several aspects to our ministry to adults. 

  • Adult Bible Fellowships are for everyone. These groups break the large church down into smaller settings where adults of all ages can delve together into God’s Word and develop relationships with one another.
  • Foundation Seminars are short-term opportunities to study and apply God’s Word to a specific topic. 
  • Men’s and Women’s Ministry help grow godly men and women through discipling, Bible studies, outreach events, small groups and fellowship events. 
  • Singles Ministry is grouped by age, offering singles the opportunity to fellowship and grow with those in a similar life situation. 
  • PrimeTimers is our ministry to senior adults. 

 Additional Adult resources:

¿Hablas Español?
Durante el Servicio de Adoración 11:10 a.m., ofrecemos interpretación simultanea al español en vivo del sermón. Para recoger un transmisor, pasar por el mostrador de bienvenida cerca de la entrada oriental de la iglesia a las 11:00 AM. Alguien se reunirá con usted allí para ayudarle(During Worship Service 11:10 am, we offer simultaneous Spanish interpretation of the sermon live. To pick up a transmitter, go to the welcome desk near the eastern entrance of the church at 11:00 AM. Someone will be there to help.)

Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Our desire is to welcome those who are deaf and hard of hearing into the life of the church. We want you to learn, serve and fellowship  with other believers. We provide interpreting of the Sunday worship service at 11:10AM. We also have an adult Sunday school class called Holy Hands that meets in room FC202a at 9:45AM.

ESL (English as a Second language)

Colonial offers free  ESL classes on Friday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30am. This program is offered seasonally during the school year. This program offers challenging, quality instruction for all students that promotes academic achievement while supporting English Language development. We also offer a program for children during this time so that parents can learn while their children are lovingly cared for.


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Director, Men's Ministry Steve Shelton
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