2019 Fall GREENHOUSE Class

GREENHOUSE Membership Class

The GREENHOUSE class meets on Sunday evenings from 5:00-6:15 pm.

Due to Covid-19, our Fall 2020 class will be postponed
until January 2021.



Thank you for giving Colonial a closer look! 

GREENHOUSE is not just for those who’ve already decided to join Colonial. It’s the perfect setting to discover what Colonial believes, get to know Stephen in a more personal setting and have an opportunity to ask those questions you’ve been carrying around in your heart. You’ll also have opportunities to learn and grow together with other believers, make new friends, discover the expansive ministries of Colonial, learn where you fit in, as well as come to appreciate, even more, the Word of God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Some of the topics we cover include the history and purpose of Colonial, what makes us distinct, our core beliefs, spiritual gifts, money matters, volunteerism, controversial topics and much more. 

A recording is also available to accommodate those unforeseen circumstances that may, on occasion, keep you from attending a class. Each session will be recorded for participants to access for a limited time.  If you are not able to attend all of the classes and are interested in accessing the recordings, please indicate that on your registration and contact Beth Larson if you have questions. 

and Resources

(These forms are for those who are currently in or have been in a previous GreenHouse class.)

If you’d like more information about GREENHOUSE, email our Membership coordinator Beth Larson.

If you're new to Colonial and interested in learning more about how to get plugged in, email Rosita Perkins.


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