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Written by Amber Bright

Amber Bright is a recent graduate of Campbell University. She enjoys doting on her two cats, reading, writing and volunteering around Colonial!

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Don Sandberg, Colonial’s Pastor of Adult Ministries, is a little nerdy, very passionate, and quite eccentric. Every Sunday morning the college kids and young adults get an inspiring, yet thought-provoking message from him. It takes a special individual to minister to our college students and young career professionals who are facing so many challenges in today’s post-modern society. Pastor Sandberg said, “My goal is that people think critically and develop a worldview based on the Bible; and, further, that they learn to interpret the Bible correctly so they will know how to decipher false teaching when they come upon it.”

Growing up as a pastor’s son in a Christian home, Sandberg encountered spiritual malaise early in life. He always believed the Gospel account of Jesus, yet never made the personal decision to make Jesus the Lord of his life until he was a teenager.  He went on to attend Tennessee Temple University where he had the reputation of being quiet and goal-oriented.  Two of Sandberg’s goals included becoming a science teacher and pursuing a young woman named Kay, the woman he ultimately married. His transition to ministry was a little more unique. In 2002, after serving as an elder and Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) leader for years, Pastor Davey approached Sandberg and asked him to serve as the Pastor of Adult Ministries. He decided to leave his career as a science teacher, went on to receive his Master of Divinity; and the rest is history!

What exactly does the life of Don Sandberg look like today? A typical day includes an early start with coffee and prayer. He arrives at church by mid-morning where he proceeds to read Scripture, answer e-mails, solve problems, counsel people and study. In addition to the Bible, he has drawn considerable inspiration from authors C.S. Lewis, J.P. Moreland and Dallas Willard. In his free time Pastor Sandberg enjoys oil painting, landscaping, gardening and watching soccer.

Reflecting on the past, Pastor Sandberg said he continues to be challenged by his experiences ministering in Kenya, a country where people are hungry for God. He has served on three missions trips to that country. Experiencing so great a need helps to motivate him to avoid complacency in ministry.  As for the future?  “My goal is that I cross the finish line running.”